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Eco 3 Oil Change

The time is right for Eco 3 Oil Change and AMSOIL synthetic Motor Oil. AMSOIL is the highest quality synthetic motor oil on the market today and it outperforms all conventional and synthetic motor oils. With an Eco 3 Oil Change using AMSOIL you can extend your drain intervals to 25,000 miles under normal conditions or 15,000 miles under severe conditions or 1 year, whichever comes first. AMSOIL has a patented oil filter that allows for this extended drain interval. No other quick lube has this.

Smart Start Ignition Interlock

Eco 3 Oil Change is your local provider of Smart Start Ignition Interlock services with the most convenient, cost effective and reliable ignition interlock service available. You no longer have to drive to the Valley or wait in a local parking lot for a Mobile provider for interlock services. Always be wary of free installations and look for hidden fees! Itís a hassle dealing with the MVD after a DUI conviction. It is stressful and time consuming having an ignition interlock device in your vehicle so let us make your experience as pleasant as possible. Eco 3 Oil Change provides the only State certified ignition interlock service in Prescott and we are conveniently located right downtown on the courthouse square! Call 928-443-9000 for more info.



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